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    Review: SKYlasers (laserbtb.com) H532L-100B 100mW 16340 532nm Laser

    Re: Review: SKYlasers (laserbtb.com) 100mW 16340 532nm Laser Nice review! +1 A thing to note is that if you would've liked the laser to be IR filtered, they would've installed it if you had left a note with your order or contacted them. They've done so with all three of the 532nm lasers I've...
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    SKY LASERS 100mW 532nm & 405nm

    Which model? The 532nm one?
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    SKYLaser 1000mW/1W 450nm Blue Handheld Laser (MANY PICTURES)

    Read the post you quoted! It is already available - 716513518239
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    SKY LASERS 100mW 532nm & 405nm

    Just an update - the discount code for laserbtb.com has changed, the previous one is now invalid. The new 10% discount code is 716513518239.
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    SKYLaser Green 300mW OVERSPEC Handheld Laser (MANY PICTURES)

    Just wanted to update! The previous code was not working, I recently became aware of that. I contacted SKYLaser and they made another one, turned out the first one was for a single use. This one is is not single-use, it should be permanent - 716513518239 Again, it is a 10% discount code, use...
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    300mW 532nm Skylaser

    This laser is clearly brighter than a 1W 445nm laser. I have a brightness comparison in my SKYLaser 1W Blue Laser video review, the link is in my signature.
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    SKYLaser 1000mW/1W 450nm Blue Handheld Laser (MANY PICTURES)

    Yeah, you're correct. I was recently notified. Sorry about that, I've contacted SKYLaser and a new one will be ready very soon. EDIT - The new code is: 716513518239 This is a 10% off code too, it is to be used at the laserbtb.com checkout. The OP has been updated too.
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    300mW 532nm Skylaser

    Nice review! My unit was peaking at 441mW. I was very happy about that and thought that's about as high as they get, but then I see this. Really happy with SKYLaser.
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    FS: 200mW 532nm lasers...

    Firstly, good luck on the sale :) That's not a bad price at all for a >150mW 532nm laser. I might be interested .. Really? Could you give me the link to where you got this? Doesn't look like one of SKYLaser's hosts.
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    SKY LASERS 100mW 532nm & 405nm

    I'd suggest a new thread. 5 lasers reviewed in one thread wouldn't work out well, as the first post would be very long, and would take quite some time to load with all the pictures. Also, there'd be people talking about different lasers in the replies. Might be a little confusing.
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    My 'Rainbow' Beamshots

    I realised some of the pictures had an error displayed from TinyPic for unknown reasons .. Anyway, I re-uploaded them now! :)
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    50 BeamShots! R G B

    The pictures are actually very good! I too like to have them in one spot, I made a thread recently with my beamshots if you'd like to take a look.
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    My 'Laser vs Balloons' video!

    Wow .. that's very impressive for a 70mW 405nm laser. My 100mW BudgetGadgets 532nm laser has an extremely low beam diameter, so it pops balloons/lights matches very quickly, even when focused to infinity!
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    My 'Laser vs Balloons' video!

    I've found myself watching quite a few Youtube videos of lasers popping balloons too! :p
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    My 'Laser vs Balloons' video!

    Hi everyone! I recently started off on Youtube and decided it was time to record popping loads of balloons with a high powered laser, as it seems that's what people like to watch. :p Anyway, here's the video: The laser in this video is the 1W 445nm Blue Laser from SKYLaser. Link to the...