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Your thoughts on the iPad Pro


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Apr 16, 2014
For me, a lot DOES come down to what pockets I have on a particular day.

I have both apple, android and windows stuff, and use all 3 for work...and have for a long time.

I used to see people with giant phones, and think that's ridiculous...until I found myself checking mail on the phone more often, and having to read laboratory reports, etc...

...and suddenly, I liked the larger screen.

I then saw people stuffing tablets into cargo pockets, etc...and thought THAT was a bit nutz...until I got a free tablet that shared minutes with the phone, and found that the added size meant I could leave the laptop in the truck often enough to be worth it.

And, well, I don't want to WRITE a report on a tablet...but READING them is fine, and much better than on a phone, and, its easier to carry than the laptop.

Do I NEED the laptop's processing power all the time? Nope. If I DO, then, I might use the LT or, the desktop, etc.

So, I went from not seeing the point of the tablets, to appreciating the advantages.....and I typically have my phone and tablet on me all the time...and the LT in the rig, and desktops back at the office, etc.

Its just having the best tool for the job, depending on the job...and it simply works better for certain tasks I perform often enough to make it worth it.

As for apple vs android...most of the time, except for whether an app is available in one and not the other...the apple versions are just more intuitive for me.

I've never had a mac fail, and I've had plenty of all the rest fail...but, I do know people who have had to replace mac stuff from time to time...but, overall, based on the large groups of people I work with/know....the mac stuff is more reliable.

Is it reliable enough to pay more for it?

If its mission critical, sure...otherwise, the overall problem rates, to me at least, seem to be reasonable for either platform.

I am typing this on an android laptop...and have an android phone and tablet currently.

My plan through work says this is what I get for free....so, its cost effective...for me.



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Mar 27, 2011
The right tool is always best for the job at hand. I also find myself practically never using my laptops anymore.

For most people nowdays, for casual things, a tablet is more than adequate if all you intend to do is read emails, check up on things like fb, and the replies/comments are short. For work... long emails, working with spreadsheets, no way to do that with tablets comfortably just yet.

I'm hoping that we see further development of new display technologies... imagine being able to project a 50" reasonable resolution onto any more of less blank surface. Imagine it not even having to be a blank surface and the projection system being able to compensate by adjusting what colors are used to eliminate the background.

There are already projectors that work quite well... they are not built in though.

Alternatively, and bypassing the need for all that, projection of the image directly onto your retina by a very very small laser.

Or forego all that physical junk... I'm hoping we'll see some way to bypass our physical sensory organs at some point altogether. That would open up a whole new world of possibilities, both practical, and of extreme entertainment, total recall style. (Jump onto a seat, and live out any adventure, or just lying by the beach for a week, when in reality just an hour has passed.)


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Nov 2, 2010
Gotta agree with you. Everyone in my house and all of my friends have an android. All I hear is them complaining about how slow they get after half a year of usage. Yet they keep saying android is better than IOS. Oh come on. I have an iPhone 5 that I won't need to replace anytime soon because it's still as quick and snappy as it was right out of the box. Sure, IOS is somewhat limited when it comes to doing certain things, but especially with 3rd party app support on IOS I doubt many people would be bothered by it.

Also just discovered that the iPad Pro is gonna start at €919 here opposed to the $799 in the US. That's fucking ridiculous. They already grab an extra 100$ from 1:1 currecy conversion and then they decided to add another 120 on top of it just because.

Probably going to get it regardless, because this is the reason I sold my iPad 3 for, but damn Apple, why?

Android's achilles' heel is the fact that there's no damn proper way to close apps. The developers are resisting adding a proper close button to the OS. Some developers seem to have added it to their apps, as they will detect your pressing the back button and interpret as you wanting to close the app.

But in general, even if you swipe stuff off, there's still portions always running. And if you're not rooted, then the only options is to go to settings, and force close apps one by one.

Freakin. Heck. Annoying!!

With that said, I don't mind the rest of Android, even if it's starting to get overbloated with "iOS" style eyecandy.

I have an Air 2, and as with every iPad I've ever owner, it's mostly a portable gaming machine. It's like having a PSP with a huge screen.

There's useful apps, but 99% is garbage, and of that 1%, 70% is games.

So iPad Pro is just moving in the direction of a bigger gaming portable platform.