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Worried customs has seized my laser


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Jul 1, 2013
My only point is i don't want to rock the boat but if i see a well done or, great effort welcome post or a poll or game thread ask or show something or i know the answer there's been more than few i should be able to post a comment in reply to them a few a day which is what I've dropped down to now without worrying about a big stick by the senior members .The same ppl post replies to welcomes etc often so i don't want to be paranoid on saying hi to the newest member as its a welcome, there not a lot to say with a welcome for that matter a lot of other threads the guess this item is another thread i enjoy when I'm an old hand like many others i will have outstanding info to tell at the moment i know the basics but still want to keep involved ..regards to all
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Apr 2, 2009

I have spoken and emailed people from customs and it appears very few have a clue about lasers. Plus the idea of such a person having you laser in one hand and the battery that came up in the other gives me the chills.
Will he harm him(or her) self? Will my laser have reverse polarity protection as you KNOW 99% WILL put the battery in just like we have done forever with the common flashlight. Will the laser get used safely by customes? Will they even have a clue about duty.rest cycling? wiil my laser get dropped?

gone a little off-topic there... but it may be good to refuse a 'free' battery or NOT order one to be sent with.

Customs has been known to take a long time to process our boxes.
AFAIK the current record is held by Yobresal-and that was a TWO YEAR WAIT. (green pen pointers)

IMO paying extra for Express shipping (to me anyway) is more about arrival at all Vs the speed of delivery.

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