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Which blue 1W laser pointer to buy?


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Feb 21, 2013
ok , but on Blord you can trust that you will get your laser with the best quality. with the real output ;) anyway i recommend on Blord laser .
again, two of blord's builds died within 10 minutes of the buyer receiving them. could be user error, could be build error, could be parts error, we dont know but he does offer to fix them if you return them to him. i know shipping from me to Blord is roughly $20-30 so that adds to the laser price. im not saying Blord is a bad builder because ive had mine from him for 2 months and still no problems. as far as real output, you dont know what you are talking about. you buy the power output and lazerer sends you a LPM printout of your exact laser. how is that not "real output"? i understand that you are new and want to help people out but its doesnt help if you dont know exactly what you are talking about. plus you cant bash on a company if you've never personally dealt with them. lazerer is a trusted company here at LPF and Max is a member here and does everything possible to fix a problem if they arise. he sends you a brand new laser if yours breaks within warranty.

im not trying to be rude but dont start rumors unless they are 100% true, then they wouldn't be rumors they'd be facts. lazerer doesnt sell junk and they are actually really competitive in pricing. L
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