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Where can I buy a 7 watt laser?

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May 14, 2011
7 of one color - just to be clear.

one of my projectors has 6 (3 pairs of single modes in pbs cubes) then combined with dichroics before they hit the scanner, I could have added a 405 for 7. ;)

Of course its still under a watt - BUT a perfect beam. :)
Nice job-very clean work -- well thought out unit. Great photos. (y)
I understand your point and what you made. The OP was talking about 7 individual 7W watt lasers as in 7 W hand helds--has to be NUBM44=V2 450nm 7W multimode blue laser diodes he was talking about I concluded.

THE OP doesn't seem to know both Star Wars "death stars" combine 8 beams.
8 a circle in one version and 8 beams, 7 beams in a circle + 1 dead center, in version II of the "Death Star"
I mean really, years of work on a 5 foot wide detailed model, thousands of dollars and he gets the number of beams in a "Death Star " wrong--doesn't get the number of beams correct---go figure?
Still smells a bit funny. Maybe he will post a photo of the model he made?

An explanation/graphic representation the 2 configurations of the "Death Star's" 8 beams, not 7.

The building of the actual super detailed 5.5 foot diameter model Death Star II used in making the movie :
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May 19, 2019
I think the biggest sin/crime is him choosing blue lasers for a death star build when it should have been a green laser. :confused: