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Where can I buy a 7 watt laser?

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May 14, 2011
7 of one color - just to be clear.

one of my projectors has 6 (3 pairs of single modes in pbs cubes) then combined with dichroics before they hit the scanner, I could have added a 405 for 7. ;)

Of course its still under a watt - BUT a perfect beam. :)

Nice job-very clean work -- well thought out unit. Great photos. (y)
I understand your point and what you made. The OP was talking about 7 individual 7W watt lasers as in 7 W hand helds--has to be NUBM44=V2 450nm 7W multimode blue laser diodes he was talking about I concluded.

THE OP doesn't seem to know both Star Wars "death stars" combine 8 beams.
8 a circle in one version and 8 beams, 7 beams in a circle + 1 dead center, in version II of the "Death Star"
I mean really, years of work on a 5 foot wide detailed model, thousands of dollars and he gets the number of beams in a "Death Star " wrong--doesn't get the number of beams correct---go figure?
Still smells a bit funny. Maybe he will post a photo of the model he made?

An explanation/graphic representation the 2 configurations of the "Death Star's" 8 beams, not 7.

The building of the actual super detailed 5.5 foot diameter model Death Star II used in making the movie :
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May 19, 2019
I think the biggest sin/crime is him choosing blue lasers for a death star build when it should have been a green laser. :confused:


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Aug 11, 2020
I'd be genuinely interested to see a large scale build of a Death Star, lasers or not.
If I were carrying out a build, i'd certainly share!
I fear we may have to just settle with a bad quality picture of my life size Darth Vader shooting lasers from his crotch (green ones too).

They're not 7W. :LOL:


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Apr 27, 2019
I'd be genuinely interested to see a large scale build of a Death Star, lasers or not.
If I were carrying out a build, i'd certainly share!
I fear we may have to just settle with a bad quality picture of my life size Darth Vader shooting lasers from his crotch (green ones too).
They're not 7W. :LOL:
I mean Pulling it off will be hard but not impossible, Would require a fair amount of PBS cubes dicros and other optics (throw in a 10x expander too) and a lot of fine-tuning with customs mounts.
Interesting when you joined in April 2020 you said just first received a a 1W laser from Amazon and couldn't figure out if you could use a bigger battery. Now you have 35 and recently bought 8 7 W laser from 8 different companies and all of them were stopped by customs. No problem getting a 3, 4, or 5 W only 7 W are a problem + now you know all laws State and Federal- LOL
Forgve me but it but still all smells funny, and disingenuous.
Could be wrong---post a photo of all "over 35 lasers" together and a photo of the 5 foot wide highly detailed "Death Star " that took you years to make---that would be more interesting that the lasers actually . Prove me wrong.
Can't imagine you don't have a photo of the model "Death Star" you spent years making.

In any case---all "fascination", delusional, and daydream world of your own design nonsense and pretend, aside such as making one beam out of 7 seven watt laser which isn't going to ever happen any place except in your imagination, notwithstanding:

Today;s real FDA laws , rules, and regulations as follows:
" Laser pointers are hand-held lasers that are promoted for pointing out objects or locations.
Such laser products can meet one of two definitions for laser products.
The first is for “surveying, leveling, and alignment laser products” as defined by Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Section 1040.10(b)(39):
“Surveying, leveling, or alignment laser product means a laser product manufactured, designed, intended or promoted for one or more of the following uses:
(i) Determining and delineating the form, extent, or position of a point, body, or area by taking angular measurement.
(ii) Positioning or adjusting parts in proper relation to one another.
(iii) Defining a plane, level, elevation, or straight line.”

Hand-held lasers promoted for entertainment purposes or amusement also meet the second definition, that of “demonstration laser products” as defined by 21 CFR 1040.10(b)(13):
“Demonstration laser product means a laser product manufactured, designed, intended, or promoted for purposes of demonstration, entertainment, advertising display, or artistic composition.”

"Laser products promoted for pointing and demonstration purposes are limited to hazard Class IIIa by FDA regulation.
21 CFR 1040.11(b) and 1040.11(c), limit surveying, leveling, and alignment, and demonstration laser products to Class IIIa. This means that pointers are limited to 5 milliwatts output power in the visible wavelength range from 400 to 710 nanometers."

While there may have been loopholes about "pointers" many years ago left over from a time when there were no pointers,, there are no loopholes any longer. FDA has defined what they mean when they say pointers and it covers all hand held lasers for any purpose.
5mW is the limit.

Have a look at the Import Alert 95-4 https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/cms_ia/importalert_254.html wherein it clearly says under guidance "(2) The laser product output exceeds 5 milliwatts;" :
*** Districts may detain without physical examination (DWPE) all shipments of the same product as was originally found violative such as laser pointers, laser gunsights, laser levels, laser pointer key chains, laser light show projectors, and similar products (covered laser products) from the manufacturers/shippers listed on the attachment to this alert.

In addition, covered laser products are subject to detention if, among other reasons, an examination shows they do not appear to comply with the appropriate standard as follows:
(1) The laser product does not have a permanently attached warning logotype label;
(2) The laser product output exceeds 5 milliwatts;
(3) The laser product fails to contain certification or identification information either on the product or in the instructions for use;
(4) The laser product fails to contain instructions for safe use;
(5) The product class or output information on the laser product's warning logotype label is different from that in the instructions for use; and/or
(6) A product report for the laser product has not been submitted. ***"

7 beams can not be combined into one beam in the real world--2 into one beam yes --7 into one beam no--see: https://laserpointerforums.com/threads/reference-guide-how-to-combine-lasers.77449/
7 beams close together can be done but will at best just be 7 seven watt beams close together--not one beam--except in your imagination.,
Gotta love a good hit of reality served in the face of someone ignorant and dishonest. 👍

Jim H

Aug 8, 2020
To me, the obvious question is why use pointers in a model instead of modules? Was he going to climb inside to push the buttons/turn the keys on each one?
I once was at a house where the owner had a large and very detailed model of some ship or station that he built, that had been used in a show or movie, maybe Farscape? I hadn't seen whatever show it was. he also had an Enterprise he was working on, with a 4' saucer section that he was building just for himself.