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Nov 12, 2011
About a week and a half after I ordered from scifi I ordered my two spikers from sanwu. They arrived after around two weeks. I then ordered a 405nm challenger and a beam expander and those arrived Saturday. Everything in good working condition.

Meanwhile my tracking from scifi still doesn't work....
Shipped on the 20th huh?
Airmail does not take 20+ days to arrive. I paid for the standard HKpost airmail when ordering from sanwu and usually had the items within a week of getting a WORKING tracking number.

Other companies I'd recommend include Jetlasers, Dragonlasers, Skylasers O-like etc. All are reputable and will get your order to you in a reasonable time frame. There's also optotronics who are based in the US and sell portable lasers. Only thing is they only sell DPSS green and blues.
I did about the same thing. I ordered the big one and a little one at separate consecutive times They both arrived long before thesci fi lasers did. I ordered a replacement module(from Podo) for one I broke... It arrived a week and three days later.
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