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What power levels match the visibility of different colors?


New member
Sep 29, 2010
I hope that title makes sense, it was tough figuring out what else to call it...

Basically, we all know that a 5mw green looks much brighter than a 5mw red or blue - so the question is, what power levels basically match the various colors?

Does a 30mw red match the perceived brightness of a 5mw green?

How about blue, violet, etc?

In creating my laser lumia show at home, I'll want to get the right power lasers so they all (more or less) display similar brightness levels.

Is there a chart that covers this somewhere, or do you guys want to take a guess?

Let's say I'm starting with a 15mw green... what power levels of the other colors would I need to match the look of the green?