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What happens if they confiscate your laser?


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May 8, 2009
Feds, outside of Customs, just send you a letter of apparent liability after giving you a chance, in most cases, to submit a correction plan, after sending you a notice of violation. In other words, cease and desist, send XXXXX Dollars to ZYYY account at a Bank in Pittsburgh in N days or else get referred to a District US Attorney for other actions. They do have a option for confiscation, but it requires the actions of a DA to get things started and probably the presence of a Marshall or sworn Agent from another agency. . VERY RARE... Same procedure FAA, FCC would use to fine you outside of taking you to court. Civil law is very different from Criminal Law in this regard. The letter starts out with something like: " The Administrator or Secretary has determined that you are in violation of .." VERY, VERY, VERY RARE in regards to lasers outside of the corporate world.

Local cops would probably ask you to surrender the laser, and if not, there are plenty of annoying "breach of the peace" laws to charge you with.