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What can happen to you....

Apr 2, 2009
'Borrowed this from Mr Murphy and his site laserpointersafety.com
my point is-- there is no early release or parole when you get charged in Federal court.. no good time-

Here is what happened to this guy:

On December 5 2017, a Pasco (Florida) County Sheriff's Office helicopter was illuminated about 10 times by laser light from the ground. The helicopter pilot landed in an empty parking lot, walked to the suspect's home, and detained Ryan Fluke.

Fluke told the pilot he aimed the laser for fun, and did not realize the laser beam could travel a long distance.

Fluke had 12 previous arrests in Pasco County. He was charged with misuse of laser lighting devices, a third degree felony.

He pleaded guilty November 20 2018 to aiming a laser at an aircraft and was sentenced to 21 months in federal prison, in March 2019.

That is a long time...& he must serve every day.

..also in many cases the offender is ordered to never be in possesion of another laser for life. a longer time.

See the 'read-only' thread in Laser Safety section- Mr Murphy has links there including the one where I got this story to share.
Note.. New Zealand allows lasers--as long as the are just 1 mW.

We could have laws like that if too someday..

So if you see something --do something..
NEVER loan anyone a laser even just for a minute.
(under most circumstances)

ATM -- my fear is WE will be unfairly penalized if the rioters keep using them.

Sep 8, 2018
What can happen to them...

Three federal agents who were sent to Portland, Ore., to try to help quell the city’s violent protests were “likely left permanently blinded” FPS officials have since reportedly purchased protective eyewear for the federal officers to wear.

This is is very bad for responsible laser owners everywhere...
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Apr 2, 2009
^^^ you got that right.
If I were there-no way would I just stand there and do nothing. Not hard to see where the laser is coming from =-right?

same with the widow smashers and looters.. the 'peaceful' demonstrators should be less peaceful and stop all this crazyness -they are there and it looks like they either left or just stood by and watched.
I bet the 'bad' guys were outnumbered 1 to 100 .
Doing less is inviting the goon squad.

so it is not just the laser hobbiest and peaceful demonstrators who are being hurt ..its everybody.

Security at Woodstock was the 400,000+ peaceful attendees who stopped all that kind a of crap BEFORE it escalated. I never saw a cop there. not one.
and there were no problems..... that could not be easily solved . afaik