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Using SrAl2O4:Nd or Pr as an active lasing medium - accidental discovery?

Jul 4, 2008
Just doing some experiments the other day with very high quality glow powder for an x-ray scintillation medium and discovered by accident that under 400W Hg arc light (pulse discharge), the glow powder SrAl2O4 : Dy gave off a very intense green light... very monochromatic. Reminded me of a 515nm laser diode.

Sure enough, I googled this a found a few academic articles using SrAl2O4:Nd and Dy as new lasing mediums.

--- to be efficient one would need to create a large single crystal of this material ...

The charging light must be in the 200 to 450 nm range to energize the material. Attempts made with Nitrogen flashlamps, HG ARC and Xenon flash lamps have all been made. So far this material responds well to all 3 sources...
Another experiment to try.

thought I'd pass this on.
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