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Tornado Laser Power Meter From The Laser Pointer Store

Unown (WILD)

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Sep 4, 2020
Vice versa,, hence your edit.
but let us move forward.. you're not a mod your a pretty new member here with a tad over ½ year, I'm not a mod and not that active, and I would not start to moderate other users on forum etiquette where certain things are frown upon, even though it varies from forum to forum.. not least "quoting", just under the exact comment you're referring too... or trying to criticize you, - on now +3 post that has no relevance to the topic and more or less plain fiddle..
new members or just members that try to moderate other users (on their own perception) of forum etiquette and who' or what is necroposting.. that behavior is usually more annoying than necroposting.

And I would personally prefer if users have feedback on a given lazing-related product, they either make a review, or they try to find the main thread for that exact product and put their view & feedback there, and no matter if it's an old thread..
- it will make it so much more easier for other users looking into that product if the majority of infromation and feedback is contained in one place, and I can't emphasize how many golden posts, filled with readworthy information' I have come across because people necrostarted old post from LPF golden-era.

If you have any insight into this LPM, I would love to hear about it, but let THAT take center..
Here the small unit..(though not sure it's made anymore (numerous years old), it definitely seems to differ from the battery unit, the refresh rate of the digit seems faster., though like 27s to peak at 6309mW)

here the 50US LPS stubby 488nm (70mW) with some 360 mirrors.
wow you need to stop being a prick


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Jun 12, 2015
As discussed many times regarding the topic of necroposting. If a member is adding content to an old thread, it is to be allowed. If they are just commenting with no value, then that is a necropost. Enchilada qualified as adding new content. This is the sort of behaviour that is in question from you. I'm not sure why you felt you had to insult him, when it was you getting on his case. I can clearly see that Enchilada was trying to get back on subject.


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Sep 8, 2018
I found Enchilada's post about the new smaller unit interesting, I didn't know they had made a smaller unit? :unsure: