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The economy of laser diodes


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Mar 26, 2010
CNI might have enough clout to get high power 445's from nichia etc for sane prices, but I'm sure WL harvests though..as does everyone else. If they don't themselves, they buy the diodes from someone who does.

It'd probably take a five figure quantity order from one of the manufacturers to get the per unit price on raw diodes down to the range they are from harvesting.

And as far as selling whole lasers.. Everyone who does it.. myself included, are taking their chances. But I think it really depends on how much attention you draw to yourself. If you sell selectively only on the forum or to friends, I doubt there's much danger.. However if you open a big webstore flaunting them and selling to any and everyone.. Then that's probably asking for trouble.

It's one of those things that if you plan to do large scale, you'd best do it right.. Though most people here seem to have aversions to safety features... They can't wait 5 seconds to be able to 'burn'.
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