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Techhood Osram 50W diode array powersupply questions

Oct 31, 2009
I bought a big array, 50W, told them to include a powersupply, they did. First I got a pic with red and black wires, looked like + and - located on one side....4 each.
All over sudden they send me a datasheet, showing ++-- instead.
Maximum confusion. Showed them how I would wire it up, they got confused, show me wrong layout again (is it wrong?? no idea!).

Now I got it all hooked up. First 2 rows give me a SUPERweak blue glow -.- I start panicking! LiPo battery, 11.1V charged to 11.2V so on point.
4000mAh capacity. Should work out.
IF it was really ++++ ----- it would not light up at all right? Could the voltage just be too low? Multimeter shows 60V when I flip the switch, decreasing kinda fast,
not sure whats the lowest voltage. The lil blue thing with the brass screw, maybe its for output voltage setting?
I attach what I got, and no, its not much. Writing on the PCB is all chinese. Wow....



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