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Strange 815 sled?


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Apr 2, 2009
Just file or saw a little notch in one of the longer sides of the heatsink, then use 2 sets of pliers or a vice to grab each end, and pull them apart. Once you get it to snap at the file line they're very easy to get out.

Again I think we may be talking about two different sleds.

the ones I have here have NO 'longer side' they are almost square and there is VERY little to grab with pliers or vice. ( by the 'corners' maybe)I have gotten many diodes from the sled HSs and they all seem to be very soft metal until this one.
I gave up trying to get a goood hold so went with the drill press and made a shallow 1/32 holes in ALL four sides. I tried to grip/twist with no headway made-. Then I cut a slot in one side with a hacksaw, inserted a flat blade screwdrive in the slot but it was not cooperating at all. I got a good size piece of the HS out--exposing around 15% of the can and it still would not release easily. :undecided:

By this time the tape had come off the 'window' and I was no longer caring about the ESD .. my wrist strap was on the floor( luckily we have almost NO static here) and I had to fight the urge to take a hammer to it. I finally pryed the can from the HS- pins bent over and the can was bent- if it will lase I will be surprized.:(

Next time I know it will be shorter time-wise as there is no way it could have taken any longer.:yabbem:

I dont eevn want to think about soldering those 1/32 inch long pins to anything. Plus I am not sure I can get the last of the ribbon from one of the pins- it looks like the solder is all the way down to the back of the can.

:beer:to anyone who gets this diode out in 5 min and never had one squished--

BUT frankly I dont believe you.