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spacing module inside host. options ?

Dec 2, 2008
hi guys.

nowadays laser pen hosts are 13mm inside diameter.
it used to be around 12 for our classic "aixiz" module.

so what are options for filling that space between LD housing (aixiz) and host so it doesnt rattle inside and heat can be spread across host body.

i did my research and found couple of options, but considering thermal conductivity of materials i wonder....

kapton tape - seems the most easy solution, however thermal conductivity seems low. correct me if i am wrong, maybe its sufficient.. ??
allumina sheets - that option seems great, i just never had this material in my hand. 0.5mm thick sheet should be usable, just how flexible it is? is it possible to wrap it around module? is is also squashable a bit or os it hard?

alumminium foil?? just my thinking should it work?


Dec 15, 2014
I built the pen style hosts , if the diode is case POS+ use Kempton tape to isolate the diode from the case.If the diode is case NEG- use a strand of thin copper wire to wedge the copper module in place . Its that simple don't forget the thermal compound if your going to run a higher power diode with lower duty cycles. Single mode diodes are perfect for pen hosts there is not much wasted heat being emitted . I have built plenty of Laser 66 pen hosts in the past these instructions work just fine.
Hope this helps..