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Dec 13, 2007
Amnizu said:
[quote author=SargeMX5 link=1206204997/15#27 date=1207095280]Wow. Aminzu, i think you might have some issues if you love trolling forums and correcting up peoples posts. There is no way in HELL you will ever be able to help prevent people making typos. Its the way they type. It's called SHORT HAND. Some people just dish out the text, some people proof read it. They don't care and i don't think you should either. If you find it that hard reading their posts then there is probably something wrong with your reading skills. Look around the typos. Put grammar in where you see fit as you read it. No need to quote, modify and repost. You ever see that study they done in some University? They claim(and i think it works because i tried it out) that you only need the first and last letter of a word to be in their order for you to be able to read the word. Its not that bad...Oh and you can't correct my post. Typo free and correct grammar. Unless you can find something wrong with it.

Glona, what do you still have left?
The best part about this post, aside from the copious amounts of irony, is, wait no that's the best part. You think I have issues for caring about the mutilation of the english language while simultaneously caring so much about it that you took the time to make this unformatted wall of text about it. Maybe it is, in fact, you who has the issues?[/quote]

L ;DL I love these kinds of threads!

:mad: vs. ;D