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Seeing if any tinkerers want these before I toss...

Apr 23, 2011
I have the original 450nm LD & driver from when I first started my laser pistol shooter way back when. Not sure if either work, in fact would be surprised if they do, I seem to have some recollection of the LD not working and connecting a battery directly with a bright flash then nothing. The driver is a rkcstr microdrive, but I believe I likely set the driver with a multimeter which by today's standards seems to be a no-no.
I also have an unknown LD bought around the same time, don't think I ever did anything with it. More also have's is the optics that came with my module, the basic lens and a glass 450nm tuned lens.
Then I have the driver out of a Cool Lasers green pointer I'd taken apart to try and retrofit the pistol with last year, should work as far as I know, it was before disassembly.
Also, not shown, the LD wires coming from the driver does have the mating half for the JST connector.
Thought someone might be interested in tinkering around with them. $2 and I'll pop em in an envelope and drop them off at USPS provided you're in the greater 48. Although may be the same to HI & AL.

Apr 2, 2009
THanks ,,,,,,but no time for me to add more laser projects. hak