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Screwed by China seller again: Laserlands

Nov 4, 2014
Why are you posting about this here, and not the "member" themself?

I think Alaskan posted this because he has been indirectly involved. I am the member with the dispute and Alaskan has been helping me out in PM's try to get some resolution on the matter which I appreciate.

I will write a more detailed post once the matter has been completed so others can learn from my mistake of not doing more research before I ordered the module. Its not my fault that I got screwed but I should have asked more questions before I ordered. I didn't know that a 200mW 532 module is a hard thing to find on line like I know it is now.

Ill probably accept their resolution offer of sending me a second module rather than losse money to return shipping back to China as I do have use for 2-100mW 532 modules. But I do still wish to find an actual 200mW module so I will ask more questions.
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