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Sanwu Spiker 5w 470nm


Jul 29, 2018
It would depend on the amount of overspray and it's concentration, although I have not had any problems with burning black cardstock as most overspray is scattered and it can be quite visible however typically it's not very much power, you can also use a brass flair hider or a metal with a rough surface texture, avoid smooth or shiny.

I have used them on the nubm44 but most of my nubm44 builds have a beam expander which also helps clean things up as per artifacts, I believe the input lens of the beam expander throws the artifacts into the expanders walls reducing it's appearance to nothing more than being part of the glow to unnoticeable.

Got my 7w Spiker and the 3X BE. I have only used it with the BE (in part as a protection to keep dust/whatever out of the guts). It is not clear to me if you used both the flair hider and the BE together or if you just use one at a time.

In addition I also got a JL PL-E Pro. I was impressed with how refined it is. There is a screw in cap that provides protection to the insides. I am wondering if anyone has made a flair hider that screws in the same place where the protective cap does.