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Sanwu Pocket 405


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Nov 13, 2017
Hey all, this is my first review, so don't be too hard on me :) :lasergun:
Last month I ordered the Sanwu Pocket Series 405nm 200mW laser. It was my first quality laser, so I don't have much to compare it with, but thought I'd share my experience with you guys. I don't have any pictures now, but I'll try to get some up later. I ordered it from here. https://www.sanwulasers.org/product/pocket

Customer Service:

When ordering the laser from the site, all of my noob questions were promptly answered by Francis and Podo. They always responded within 24 hours, usually faster. Some of the best customer service I've received from any online company.


I ordered the laser on September 24, choosing the standard shipping option for $5. The laser was shipped on the 29th. From there, the laser arrived about 2 weeks later. It arrived in a yellow padded evelope protected by bubble wrap and an anti-static bag for protection. The package was a little beat up externally, but the contents arrived unharmed.

Product Description:
The laser itself is very well build and solid feeling, measuring 99mm long and 13 wide(very tiny). It has a 3 elements lens and runs on a single 10440 that, so far, has provided a very decent battery time. I lack the equipment and knowledge to test its divergence and power, but it produces a nice visible beam at night and inside in dim lighting. The host has buttery smooth threads and the button on the back is slightly recessed, and feels solid. The whole thing is made of steel. On reception, there were a few steel shavings left. After some use unfortunately(probably due to some fault of my own), the threaded lens is no longer as flush to the rest of the host as the battery compartment is. Despite this, the laser still operates perfectly.

Additional Accessories from Sanwu:
Along with the laser I also purchased some of Sanwu's goggles and their battery charger. The battery charger has no display except for an LED that indicates whether the battery is charged. The goggles are a standard pair of cheaper glasses, and are made out of plastic with an adjustable frame. They are solid, but a little cheap feeling. Both have worked for me, though I'm not sure how much I would trust the goggles as they allow some light through on direct contact with the beam(unlike my eagle pair of goggles), and when viewing the dot of the pocket on white surfaces the diffuse reflections can be a little bright.

Overall, I would recommend this laser to anyone looking for a high quality laser in a small host.

Batteries I'm using: https://www.rtdvapor.com/efest-imr-10440-350mah-button-top/

The 405nm beam is beautiful, I will try to get some pictures up soon. :san:

The 405nm is on the far right, next to a 500mW 445nm and a 50-100mW 532nm. My phone doesn't capture the violet too well, so it appears blue.

Again, next to a 445nm and 532nm. For some reason, the image got flipped, I'll try to fix it.

This is my first time photographing lasers, so if you have any advice please let me know.

Sorry for the long wait, but the pictures are here just in time for christmas!

I might add on a review for the 650nm version as well since its coming in the mail along with some optic goodies from optotronics
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Sep 5, 2013
Nice review! Yes, we definitely need some pictures :yh:



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Apr 23, 2016
Great read! Sanwu's Pockets are a fine builds. Enjoy that laser. Don't burn the neighbors cat.

Pics would be great. :)