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Rough estimate of cost of 1kW infrared laser.


Mar 2, 2019
Does anyone know a rough estimate of the end-cost ($) of a 1kilowatt (1kW) infrared (say 1000nm) laser with a beam-diameter of about 6inches at 0.4 miles? (I am guessing the cost will be pretty ridiculous; but, I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.)
Also, what would the weight be roughly?
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Jan 29, 2014
Sometimes I see listings on ebay for a 1000 nm laser, but you cannot believe the stated wavelength because the sellers are often just quoting what a sticker on the unit says for a range of wavelength and a possible maximum output power when the unit may be at any wavelength within that range and putting out far less power. The problem with many surplus lasers is the sellers are often pretty much clueless and have no idea what they are really selling, don't believe the "was working when removed" statement either, so much BS too much of the time. They don't care and will risk it is DOA, hoping it isn't, while you test and confirm a problem for them for free, wasting your time.

You can find high power used laser diode arrays at 915 nm on ebay from time to time at 500 watts for close to 2,000 dollars, but I've never seen 1 KW at exactly 1000 nm. All of that said, the cost for even used would probably be many thousands of dollars for a laser which will put out that. You can get a six inch diameter beam with a very inexpensive laser diode using a large collimation lens, but of course, nothing near that power from a single CW device, peak pulsed power at that amount is easy with a ND:YAG, but not for continuous power. Weight? The power supply would be most of the wieght, the laser itself, not sure, but not light. A whole system with power supply? Some number of 10's of pounds, but likely 80+ pounds, maybe over 100.

RedCowboy has been searching for high power IR arrays on ebay to toast wood with, maybe he can chime in with his thoughts too, if he sees this.

Here's a big 500 watt pulsed array:

When searching ebay for something like this, use "IPG laser" as a search term. Here's one close to what you want, except the beam would need to be expanded:

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