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REVIEW: Rayfoss 30mw 532nm "Waterproof" Torch


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Sep 28, 2009
So, this being the first real laser that I bought, I figured I would do a brief review of the product. I was looking for a moderately powered green laser on evilBay and came across Rayfoss' products. I was hesitant at first due to the fact it was coming from who knows where in China, but the price was right ($28) and shipping was reasonable ($8) for coming halfway around the world. Plus, being waterproof, it will be cool to take with me on my Northern Quebec camping/fishing expeditions for stargazing and pointing out the northern lights. So, my thoughts...


(The o-rings seal tightly. There is also some light lubrication to keep them in top shape and help with sealing.)

Relatively Cheap
($36 shipped for a 30mw greenie! You might be able to source parts for that price, but then add shipping on top of it.)

Excellent Finish/Quality
(Overall, Im very impressed with the build quality. The host is exceptional. This thing is SOLID. The anodizing is perfect and the machining of the threads is not at all sloppy. They even provide a CR123 in the box with the unit so that you can be lasing immediately.)

Good Customer Support
(They provide decent instructions in the box with the unit and while somewhat in Chinglish, are still understandable. They also e-mailed information regarding the shipment and answered my questions about wholesaling within 24 hours.)


No External Focus
(Probably because of being sealed, there is no external focus. For most people, this is probably a disadvantage. However, I follow the "set it and forget it" mindset. By unscrewing the front of the host, you can adjust the focus internally on the module. Once set, screw the front of the host back on and you're ready to go.)


Tail Switch
(Some people prefer a side switch. I don't have a preference either way. This was probably the best/easiest way to seal it watertight.)

Given my experiences with them, I'm definitely looking forward to buying more Rayfoss products in the near future. I was so impressed with their product, that I'm even considering going wholesale with them and becoming a US reseller. However, the one thing I want to do first, is hook it up to an LPM and see how close the unit is the the rated 30mw. I do not have an LPM (yet), and this will be a deciding factor before I would engage in such a venture. That said, power output is the one thing I can not comment on in this review.

Jul 4, 2008
be careful- you can't set up a (legal) business that sells >5mW lasers in the US unless you A: jump through a bunch of hoops and kiss the FDA's ass, and B: spend thousands of dollars on a $50 laser for "safety features" (AKA bribes to the FDA)

Dang our legal system.