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Review of "Custom Ordered" 654nm LaserGlow 5mW unit


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Sep 12, 2007
...but it's not possible with all lasers to know the inside info ie driver
(speaking in second person "you," not one person specifically)...

You can infer a lot about the driver using a bench power supply to vary the voltage and see how the current varies with the voltage input. You could even do this with a battery and voltage regulator. Many people already have lm317s lying around they can use, so that's free or $1 online. Used bench supplies can be found for $50 on ebay if you want to get fancy and multimeters are <$10. Micrometers for checking beam sizes are <$13 or you can even use a ruler. IR thermometers for checking case temperature are <$5.

If you're spending hundreds or thousands on pointers, but refuse to buy standard, inexpensive, and incredibly useful lab equipment, maybe you're not the kind of person we want to see reviews from.
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