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Renegade LE


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Mar 17, 2006
Just ordered a custom Renegade LE light saber from https://ultrasabers.com , https://ultrasabers.com/product/renegade-le

This is the Kylo Ren saber; he is my favorite Star Wars character.

Here is my setup:

Renegade LE[Configuration: Emerald Driver with Sound]
[Crossguard Main Blade LED Color: Violet Amethyst for Emerald]
[Crossguard Left Blade LED Color: Blazing Red]
[Crossguard Right Blade LED Color: Blazing Red]
[Left/Right Blade Channel: Channel 4 (Dedicated to AV Switch) [Recommended]]
[Main Blade Type: 40" Ultraedge Heavy Grade]
[Left Blade Type: 8" Ultraedge Heavy Grade]
[Right Blade Type: 8" Ultraedge Heavy Grade]
[Emerald Driver Configuration: 4 Channel Emerald Driver - RGBW LED]
[Flash on Clash: Flash Red for Emerald]
[Pulse Mode: Pulse to Red]
[Battery Configuration: Li-Ion Setup (Batteries & XTAR VC2 Plus Charger Included)]
[Recharge Port: Recharge Port + 1.2A Fast Charger]
[Sound: Obsidian USB V4 Sound! [V4]]
[Switch Type: Red Illuminated Silver AV Switch]
[AV Switch Channel: Channel 4 (Dedicated to AV Switch) [Recommended]]
[Renegade LE Claw Finish: Silver]
[Renegade LE Pommel Size: Large]
[Ship Renegade Assembled?: Yes, Ship Assembled]
[Blade Retention Screw Wrench: Sure!]
[Include Blade Plug: Circle Plug]
[Include Saber Stand: Yes, Two Piece Saber Stand]
[Include MINI USB Cable: Yes]
[Include Covertec Clip: Yes!]
[Install Covertec Wheel: Yes ($10 install + $5 covertec)]
The cross guards red symbolize turning to darkside, and the violet amethyst main blade that haven't turned yet but exploring dark side tendencies. It is possible to change the main blade color but not the cross guards.

Has anyone else purchased custom lightsaber from here or another place? Or build their own?

Once I received this lightsaber I will post video and review.


Apr 17, 2017
I have 2 sabers from ultrasabers: the first being a red (single LED) Dominix LE v.4 with the windowed emitter I bought off of someone on letgo, and the second was a green (single LED) Dark Apprentice v.4 with the windowed emitter I recieved in a grab-bag purchase. Both sabers I got are stunt sabers (no sound) and have heavy grade blades. I got my sabers because I think Star Wars is really cool and wanted to relive my childhood lightsaber duels that my brother and I had with those crappy plastic replicas. I've also have had the dream of owning a real lightsaber all my life so the two closest things I could think of were lasers and these replica sabers.

From the two I currently have, I think they are fantastic. I really liked the quality and the durability of the hilts. The blades are durable too, but do take a beating if you use them for full contact sparring. Don't let them strike any hard, solid surfaces as there is a good chance the blade will break. That happened to the tip of a blade when my roommate and I decided it was "brilliant" idea to fight each other one evening when we were "potentially" intoxicated (don't tell the cops) and it was drizzling out. I was swinging the saber around and the tip struck the ground and shattered off.
(Side note: My roommate and I are now taking kendo lessons because we wanted to actually learn to properly spar with sabers and I remembered the choreographed fights in Star Wars episodes 1-3 (prequels) used lots of elements from kendo. It's really cool and would highly recommend if you're looking to learn the martial art of sword fighting.)

I was kicking around the idea of purchasing another one a few months back, but couldn't decided between getting the Consular (Qui Gon Gin's lightsaber) or getting a coupling and another Dark Apprentice v.4 to make a saber staff, but unfortunately my bank account said otherwise :(.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't jealous of the saber setup @c0ldshadow, it looks sick! I also love your color choices for the blade and cross guards and the meaning behind them. Please send us the review of it and I'm sure you're going to love it!