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Question about Laser before purchase


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Feb 11, 2020
I am thinking about purchasing a *Purple* 301 Prome Series Laser pointer.
I have had a Green 303 laser before, and the beam itself was incredibly visible even in daytime. Will purple have a clearly visible beam at night? Will it be slightly visible in daytime?
I saw this youtube video using a 303 Purple Laser, and the beam was incredibly visible in a well-lit room.The title says blue, but it is clearly a purple laser.
I can't post the links due to not having enough posts, but the Laser itself is on Laserpointerstore. It is called 301 Prome Series Laser Pointer
The video : Buring 301 Green & Red & Blue 3 IN 1 Powerful Laser Pointer@LaserPointerPro com


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Feb 22, 2008
Which one are you looking at? Monochromatic light such as from a laser cannot be purple, purple is a mix of red and blue. Do you mean violet, 405nm? Blue, 445nm (sometimes looks sort of violet on camera)?

The 405 will have a very dim beam, between the lower output power and the fact that our eyes are not very sensitive to that wavelength.

The 445 would be much brighter as it is far more powerful and our eyes are also more sensitive to it.


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Jul 2, 2011
The video you saw was definitely a blue laser, it just looks violet on camera.

The laser your talking about is specified at 100mW. So it will probably be that or lower.

Assuming it is 100mW, the beam will be as bright as a 1.5mW green laser and the dot as bright as a 0.5mW green laser. This is due to our eyes percieving green as much brighter than violet. The green laser you had was probably around 50mW. So about 50x as bright as the 405nm would be.

To get a 405nm as bright as even a 30mW green laser beam you would need 2000mW.

For reference, 445nm which is the purplish blue laser video you saw was probably 1000mW or more which has a beam as bright as a 150mW green laser and dot as bright as a 65mW green laser.

Check out the laser perceived brightness calculator in my signature, and keep in mind it's not perfect. Different people perceive colors differently, especially 405nm. The dot of a 405nm also varies drastically in brightness depending on what your pointing it at.

I would also NOT recommend a 1W 445nm laser unless you know what you are doing. If you want brightness get a green laser, if you want burning get a 200mW red laser. Don't forget safety goggles if your going to be pointing the laser at anything reflective, or near your face. If it's uncomfortable to look at, you should be wearing safety glasses. Especially above about 50mW, but it's a MUST above 75-100mW.


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Apr 2, 2009
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