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Problems with left eye

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May 14, 2011
Idk, I still think the OP 'might' be a troll myself(the name and first few posts are the main reasons), but this is really starting to seem like a bit of a witch hunt. If he IS a troll, all of this drama is EXACTLY what he wanted. The best thing to do with these 'suspicious' threads is to simply give one line of straightforward advice such as "Go see a doctor, we cannot help you with your problem". If the OP is trolling they'll get bored from the lack of drama and troll accusations. If they aren't trolling then they get the advice they need anyway. Basically there's no need for these threads to snowball like they do.

Also, checking the IPs is mostly pointless. There are plenty of proxy websites which let you hide your real location and choose your spoofed location.
Just get rid of the entire thread--no need or real purpose for it anyway.
THere are already many about possible eye damage that say GO SEE MD/ eye doctor
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