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Premium +175mW Green Laser Optotronics.com


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May 7, 2019
I joined this forum in January 2018.
I promised a review of he Premium 532nm +175mW Green Laser from Optotronics.com, that I purchased in Jan. 2018.
After I received the laser I had major medical issues and 2 bouts of pneumonia, needless to say it has been a very bad year and 4 months.
So I never got around to my review.
I lost my email for my old account, so I made this new one to discuss this impressive product.

I thought it was necessary to do this review because I purchase a lot of products and I was really impressed by the quality of this one particular laser pointer.

Price: The order came to US $224.17, which includes USPS Priority Mail (With Insurance).

Shipping: Super fast and no hassles, tracking included.
Received laser in 4 days.

Customer service wasn't necessary due to the fact that this product is very high quality and I have no issues to relay to them.
I know this is a USA based company, but the lasers are assembled in China by Viasho.
I didn't want to order overseas and risk confiscation by customs, so USA based is a big plus.

Here are the laser specs from the Optotronics.com site:

Size 160 mm x 13 mm diameter
IR filter Coatings block >96% of all IR
Laser diode lifetime 5,000 hours MTTF
Beam divergence <1.2 mrad
Beam Diameter (1/e2) <1.5 mm
M2Beam Quality <1.1
Duty cycle @ 21 °C 90/30 sec on/off
Operating temperature 15°C to 30°C
Switch Momentary push button
Power Source 2 AAA cells
Warranty 90 days
Output power is verified with a Coherent FieldMaster GS
power meter and test results are recorded on the instruction sheet.
These lasers typically have 1-4mW of IR; however this is not counted
towards the +175mW total of 532nm.
Average output >175mW
Typical peak output up to 205mW

I use 2 Duracell rechargeable batteries for power.
The batteries have a very long life and give me hours of operational time, with optimal to high output.

The pointer is a basic pen style, but it packs a very powerful and tight beam that I use to zap flies off my walls.
This pointer might resemble a cheesy Ebay pen pointer for 5 bucks, but this build is made to last years and the power of this pen pointer is something that I believe is likely unrivaled by any other pen style pointers.

Good burning laser.
Will light matches after 3 seconds or so.
Burns the skin after a couple of seconds.
You need laser eye protection when using this laser, it's super bright and will harm your vision.
optotronics.com no longer stocks the 175mW greenie on its site, so maybe this will become a collectors item?

Is this laser worth the price tag I paid?
I have had the laser for 16 months and used it heavily and there has never been any negative issue and it still works like new.
I wanted a very finely crafted pen laser to start off my collection with and believe I found the best.
I haven't been able to capture any good footage on my cam of the pointer, but I will try and get some night footage.
I have a pretty sub-par camera.
I know photos are important in a review, but so is an honest testimonial that a person made sure to do after waiting and testing the product for over a year.
My thoughts on optotronics.com is that they're a highly reputable company that stocks products that are built to last and to rate above specification.
A simple pen laser that packs this power and quality is actually quite a good choice for a first laser.
I can see this pen laser lasting 10 years.

One noteworthy issue is the chemical smell on the pen, it has that cancer chemical smell that many electronic devices emit from their surface.
WASH your hands thoroughly after using this pen.

If anyone has any tips on a USA based reseller for my 2nd laser purchase I would be grateful?


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