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Powerstat 136B terminal boxes

Marco Polo

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Nov 2, 2012
Good morning. I've just moved into an apartment and I think it would be a good idea to install boxes on the Powerstat 136B's, to cover up the terminals and associated wiring. This is also a good time to install proper power indicators and switches on the units as well.

The main thing is... what kind of terminal cover or box do I use? The ones at Lowes kinda-sorta fit but not really. I think I would need to drill holes in the boxes to fit the screw pattern on the 136B's terminal plate. I think. Until now I just ran the variacs with electrics exposed and just took care to keep myself and any pets or other people well away, which was fine. Nothing ever shorted out, and no damage was ever done. But you know that sort of setup is going to give problems eventually. The main one I want to avoid now is the apartment management people freaking out when they see the uncovered terminals. So I think the Powerstats need safety boxes to cover those up. I just don't know the right ones to use.

Can anyone advise?
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Sep 12, 2007
Modifying a $2 junction box or junction box extender sounds like the easiest option to me. It has the knock-outs pre-cut for cable connectors, and you can drill holes in a $1 cover plate to mount switches and indicators on.