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Possible to commission a kit to be built?


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Jun 26, 2010
I wasn't sure whether to put this here or in the Tutorials section, but since it's about me wanting to pay someone to do something, I figured the "Buy/Sell" section would be appropriate.

I was wanting one of those Sonar lasers from Wicked Lasers, but I've learned that they aren't focusable, and that they can't be used with rechargeable batteries.

So I wanted to build my own high-power 405nm. The problem is, I have no engineering experience whatsoever. I'm afraid I'll damage some delicate part and have to shell out another $50 to replace it, which is a problem when you're making minimum wage and having to pay tuition, apartment rent, gas, groceries, etc. I don't even have the first clue how to put these together despite having read a lot of the "How to build your own laser" threads, and reading Jayrob's thread just confused me even more. I've soldered hundreds of components onto little circuit boards before, but that's about the extent of my experience, and I have no understanding of wiring diagrams.

So I was wondering if it's possible to commission someone here to buy all the parts necessary, and then build the laser and send it to me for the price of parts + labor + shipping.

I was looking at Jayrob's Micro Chrome kit. I love that host. I'd want the "hot" option. I have no idea what current to have it set at. How do I determine this? I'd also want the 405-G-1 glass lens mod and the EZ-Focus Adapter. I just want a good 405nm AixiZ pre-assembled module/diode that will allow me to get around 200mW out of it. Not sure where to get these, or how much it would cost.

So, how much would labor cost for a project like this?
-How do I know what current to have the driver set at?
-I'm theoretically impressed with Wicked Lasers' supposed "Unlimited Duty Cycle". Is it possible to achieve something like this in a homemade laser?
-He offers an option if you "buy an AixiZ module with this kit, I will glue the sleeve on the module for you with Arctic silver thermal adhesive". Does he sell the modules too, or do I have to order it separately and ship it to him?

I'm open to encouragement about how these parts really aren't as fragile as I've convinced myself they are and that I should just order them and build it myself. I'm just really worried about damaging some expensive driver trying to get it down into the host or get it soldered to the module.
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