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Aug 16, 2007
I don't think terrorists will gain any insight that could be used to do harm from these topics - apart from the general idea that laser pointers are ueseless for making planes crash.

We are talking about how a laser could potentially distract a pilot here, and in extreme chances perhaps harm his vision to some degree in extreme cases.

If you can get to a position where you could potentially annoy a pilot with a laser pointer, you are in a position where you could shoot down any airliner with a crusty old, shoulder mount, strela-3 missile system.

The difference is that those 70s-designed soviet anti-aircraft missiles are actually effective, shooting down several helicopters and even maiming an A300 jet over the last decades. The A300 made a magical landing using differential thrust to steer it, but as it lost all hydraulics it could just as easily have been a kill.

The most effective way of downing an aircraft with a laser pointer is throwing it into an engine on take-off, it may knock a few turbine blades off that get ingested into the engine and destroy it. A piece of aluminium stock of equal size would probably be more effective, but we've gotta keep people scared, right?