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Ornate CNC casing for lower power output lasers ?

Oct 5, 2015
Are there any companies that specialise in CNC milling casings for laser pointers for the lower end of the market ?

I don't mean price, I mean power i.e. 1mW.

Sure, there are the high power output models that get the nice cases, but how often can they be used. Better would it be, in my opinion, to have a low powered laser with a nice case design which may be used every day.

I am interesting in something like the following:

Jan 2, 2008
Try this on for size. Posted 6 years ago

These were all done with vaping hosts that existed at the time. They are no longer available - most only cost about $20 for the base, plus the voltage monitor ($8) and the laser head

You could swap in whatever base you wanted with any head, low or high power. You could put a 1mw in or a 1W in as long as the right driver was in the head with the diode. The Mods were either 2x18350 or 1x18650 and decent heat sinking ability (solid aluminum head).

DTR had a build option for a 510 head that would screw onto any standard mod. I still love these and I had a couple heads I built recently and did with some a140 pulls I had.

Unfortunately, the RBA 510 adapter that mated the vaping base with the heatsink were discontinued and replacements aren't available and the whole vaping ecosystem collapsed.

The heatsinks still are on his site.

Also, back before that a number of people had group buys on custom hosts that looked nice and would allow most diodes of the era to work. (Kryton, Kryton Groove, Joker?)

But honestly these things are well into the past, Now, it is very hard to get anything without either spending a bit or adapting a flashlight as a host.

But I'm sure Lifetime17 could make almost anything you want and he is your best bet for making it!


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