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One laser to rule them all...


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Jan 29, 2014
I'm trying to come up with a RGB design too, I purchased a large number of single mode R, G and B diodes to build one which combined will have several watts of output but I'm still thinking of the best way to design this thing, so many diodes it will be a challenge due to that alone.

I'm considering just let them all run in parallel and with the natural divergence they can make a colored spot on cloud bases, but being able to combine them before they leave the rifle sized host would be oh so much better. Maybe I will knife edge each color together and then just have three separate outputs. I have too many project irons in the fire and not concentrating on any one of them, buying parts for all of them in parallel, as I can.. not the way to get something done.

One concern I have is whether controlling a constant current regulator with a slider potentiometer (or any kind of variable resistor) would cause spikes to the diode which could destroy them. I've seen others post that adjusting the pot is a no-no with laser diodes, to set the current first with a load instead. That video seems to show three slider pots being used for adjusting the intensity of each diode output.
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