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Newbie here, Hola


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Jan 27, 2019
Hey guys my name is KC, what a great site! I’m and American living in Mexico, I’ve been here about 6 years now. Came down chasing love and long story short I didn’t pan out and here I still am. I was financially in ok shape when I initially came down but being naïve, too trusting and having too much willingness to help those less fortunate I ended up basically have everything stolen from me. However I did meet a sweet Mexican girl who has been a gift from day one. I now have a tiny bar that barely sustains us but we are happy for the most part none the less. Anyway I’ve been able to get a lot of the local children excited about science and experimenting with things they new nothing of lately which is good because otherwise they are raising hell and getting into drugs and other trouble, so we’ve built many of the diy things you see on YouTube and they all are after me to do something with lasers so I’m on the hunt for lasers today. I’ve been to the local junk yard and have found some DVD players etc but it’s pretty limited here . Fond you guys while scanning the web and figured who better to ask for some advise. I just wanted to tell you all a little about me and ask one question? Could someone recommend the best place I could get say ten lasers in a variaty of powers at a good price? And by good price I mean inexpensive as possible. Not that I’m cheap but it’s all out of my pocket which is pretty shallow these days. but I really want to do this for the kids. Or if anyone has some ideas for some fun project I might do with them I’d love to hear them. Anyway, cool sight, lots of info, thanks in advance and cheers m friends, hope to hear from someone soon.
And by the way if I’ve posted this in the wrong place I apologize I honestly have never done this in my life. Lol


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Apr 28, 2015
Hi KC, walshy is on to a good thing with the 301's you can find them alot cheaper on ebay. $5 each or a around $8 for a kit with a charger and battery's. MUST have a budget for multiple safety glasses also..
DON'T fall for and order a "pocket laser meter" from the Laser Pointer Store by all means as its a over priced toy if you happen to buy any of these lasers from them..
These are also not 5mw as advertised on some sights. The 532's can do anywhere from 40mw to 80mw, the red lasers up to 200mw and the purples 100mw+.
Not just sure to what projects you have planned but there have been alot of cheap labby style around lately for around $18 to $25 that have a 100% run cycle, where you won't have to worry about over heating.. You can bench mount these secure also for safety..
Other options are cheap bundles of 5mw red laser modules with 2 wires to connect to a battery source. Could try a holigraphy type of thing..


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Apr 2, 2009
Not correct forum for this thread.
Your first thread WITH location in its title<<< (and that info needs to also be added to your profile.
Place that intro in the 'welcome' section..TY

Your thread is an example how to NOT start out here.
Your years 'lurking' here are not a subititute for a proper 'intro' that shows respect for the forum & its members.

You also have another problem--MEXICO

Shipping to you has substantial risk. The sellers can not be in any way responsible for ANY problems once sent.
AND... since Paypal is no longer EVER going to 'side' with the sellers -- they get screwed.
A Work-Around would be to have a USA based friend re-ship to you as a middle man.
Or if your are near the border- have lasers sent to USA side and carry them yourself back to Mexico.

VERY important --Never have any batteries in the same box as the LASERS IF THE BOX CROSSES BORDERS.
Please compose and post your 'Intro' in the welcome section as a newcomer BECAUSE you are one.

SO>>get a 'trio' (RGB and/or V) of the '300' type offered on ebay-less than 15$usd for all 3 lasers..
None will be spec or under (5 mw)-- They actually often make a total 160mW -to 200mW or more .
IF sellers wants to include free batts-DO NOT ALLOW--buy them elsewhere.

However you move forward-- you cannot say you did not know of he risks of sending ILLEGAL items across borders.
AND having lasers w/ batts only makes things much worse...

good luck & best wishes--hak
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