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New to this forum, it's dark in here!


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Dec 11, 2015
First thing I noticed about LPF was the background and overall general theme for some reason, black & dark grey. It's very different from your average website, all jumpy and popped graphics. Makes it feel like old times, when websites were simple and easy to use, I haven't even been on for a day but I love the environment already. I have however been lurking around at posts for about a week, this community of people seems well respected, intelligent, and helpful.​

My name is Sean, I'm glad to join this community. I won't be as helpful as many are, not yet. I'll try to strive, but no guarantees :crackup:. I've had an interest in lasers for a few months, my first one being from eBay, specifically Malaysia, four months ago which took about a month and a half from the day I bought to the day I received. Thanks Malaysia post + shitty seller.​

When I got it, it came with your average eBay laser starter kit. Overspec laser (was a 301), cheap wall charger, and underspec Ultrafire 18650 which actually holds a crappy charge now. Anyway, I charged the battery (took SUPER long with the crap charger) when it was finished charging, I went outside it was pitch dark out in my background, pointed it to the sky (making sure no aircraft were above me) and *press*. Damn.:wave: This is pretty cool.​

Pic of that laser:

Eventually, I ended up ordering a better Chinese green knock off 301 to see if there's any difference from chinese manufactured lasers, and a couple days after the crystal (cant remember specifically the name of it, it's what converts the IR beam into 532 nm green) misaligned/broke, and now dim red light is all I can see. Looked on the LPF to get all that info as others had the same issue, thought to myself based on what I had read;... better stay away from that.​

This laser's waiting time was much more reasonable. Came in about 26 days. Charged the battery again, went into the backyard pitch black turned it on, bam. There's that nice thin beam I fell in love with the first time.:D

However I noticed something. After a little bit, I turned it on and noticed a short sequence was occurring. My first guess was a faulty battery, and still is my guess. I've only got one 18650, so I can't test for now. The issue I noticed: I would press the laser and it would turn on, about half a second to a second later, it would get noticeable dim. And it wouldn't just fade to the dim light, it would go from bright straight to not-as-bright :scowl: .​

Let's move forward about three weeks, I was browsing eBay yet again (I give a lot of time to eBay :scrowl: .) I came across a 80$ 445nm blue laser, claimed to be 5w. This laser caught my eye because it's a design I had never seen before, actually I had really found it interesting and attractive. I ordered it. I obviously wasn't expecting 5w, but I have never seen this laser on eBay before and never heard anybody talking about it, and cheap things from China are generally as low of a price as they can be, and if this thing was 80$ CAD from China, I can't imagine what can go wrong other than this could be a Chinese scammer.​

2 days later, and I am already fairly impressed. The seller has provided real, full, tracking information on this laser. Took about 18-20 days to arrive, I can't remember exactly. But the tracking went from the post office the seller dropped it off at to my mailbox. Was very impressed, I haven't got tracking like this from China before you would usually get "item left on flight to country" and that's about it. Only complaint is not knowing where to put the tracking number at first, just had to do a bit of research. Turns out the best tool is 17track, a universal tracking website/app that will track both the local country and foreign country's tracking(if they both provide it) Not sure if the super good tracking is because of how much I paid for this laser, but props to the seller for doing so anyway.​

When I got this laser in the mail, the first thing I noticed when I opened it is batteries. I went back on the listing, they're saying it takes 2x 16340s. Dammit, I don't have 16340s and my Ultrafire obviously won't do it. I did some research, turns out my local electronics store sells some 16340s, however they are not rechargeable. I had ordered 2 rechargeable ones on eBay from Canada (I live in Canada so it avoids customs). But I was very eager to see the power of this laser, so I bought the batteries from the electronics store for now.​

I put the batteries in my brand new laser and I turn it on for a split second, WHOAH :eek: ! Too bright! I had not had goggles yet at this point, because I usually go outside to play with my death lasers. I have had yet to use them indoors at the time, as my laser safety goggles/glasses had not yet arrived. So I went outside, pitch dark again. Turned it on, shined it in the sky. WTF. I am so amazed at this laser. I can see this beam extremely clearly and brightly, if this is just the beam I can't even imagine how bright the dot would be. I am very impressed. I had the urge to touch the beam just to see how hot it was, but I decided not because I did not want to get burned, especially since the listing said it could could burn cigarettes. Which not to mention, are white in color.​

Goggles finally came in the mail, so I tired it on a trash bag for burning (I tried burning a trash bag with my green 301, at best it can poke a hole through it). It rips a hole right through the trash bag the moment it makes contact. Okay, well not the exact moment but almost instantly. I tried cutting the bag with it, and at a rate of about I'd say .5 inches per second maybe? Regardless it cut right through.​

Overall this blue laser is amazing. I am loving this laser, and actually do plan on buying from an actual laser website. The green ones from eBay, ehhh. Could be better, but then again, you get what you pay for :yh:​

tl;dr New to the forums, liking the pretty colors (or in this case the lack of), bought crap lasers from China, and then a super nice laser from China.

So two questions if anyone could help me out,

1. What do you think the power of the blue laser i had bought actually is?

2. From what website should I get a nice high quality, powerful laser? Reminder, I do live in Canada

I mentioned eBay quite a few times. I'm actually trying to sell my old phone, however not sure how well it will do its a little bit scratched up around the corners. Anyway, feel free to watch how it goes if anyone wants to:

Unlocked HTC ONE M7 Black Version Beats Audio Speakers 32 GB Storage | eBay

Bright blue laser from China (eBay): Adjustable Focus Powerful 5W 445nm Beam Blue Light Laser Pointer PEN Burn Match | eBay

Beam shot of that laser:

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Alien Laser

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Oct 6, 2015
The blue laser you got may be around 200<mW
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Nov 12, 2011
That pos was all over the Chinese websites for years with ridiculous power claims. 750 mw at best. If you want to go Asian..Sanwu lasers is your place to go. Look in the Buy,Sell trade threads. Podo will do you right. I have a true Five watt blue and a one watt purple. He stands by his products.