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Jun 10, 2019
Hi, I am new to the forum. I am a paper crafter who is thinking about moving from paper cutting machines such as cricut to laser. I felt it best to join a forum where I can get help in choosing the right laser machine for my purpose.


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Apr 2, 2009
What Paul is asking... we LOVE to hear more---pics are always welcome-
To meet members and share -
That section is our 'sig' you can click to add and amend etc.
Choosing colors-font & size is done with the bar above all our posts.

If you are interested in getting w/ members near you..
1) amend/edit this thread's title to include... like 'hello from ....'
AND finish your profile so when a member goes there they see that.
The advantages of getting with other members is great--For starters..
ALL members owning Power Meters will meter your collection anytime at no cost.
You may get to see lasers new to you and share ideas etc
...AND they will never ask WHY you are 'into' lasers--EVER!
I suggest you never buy from unknown sellers..
The extra cost of JETLASERS Lasers and Sanwu is justified with great products and super customer service.

Vets who make and sell are a good choice as well.
best wishes and safely enjoy LPF---

In my years here I have met in person >100 members(both forums) and in some cases their families and friends who attend the many LEMs for free. search 'SELEM Laser' to learn more and see lots of laser vids and pics--it is afaik the biggest and best-- is SELEM held mid Aug in North Carolina (NOW up to 5 days long!!)
-your location needs to be in the TITLE of your 'intro' as well as in your profile.

To save $$ at LPF you can learn how to make your own blue laser cutter from parts.
ATM blue is the cheapest color and the choice of many you use them as 'cutters'
show us some pics of your cutter and items you make--WELCOME from Texas--len