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Dec 6, 2013
Davidx nice hope u get it soon so u can post some pics of it.. i wonder how whats the duty cycle on a 150mw green in such compact pen host.. cant be that long ?

Oct 14, 2012
So do they run on AAA or 10440 batteries? It says AAA under more info but the buy battery option gives you 10440.

Dr_Evil, I just received a PM from Gray, explaining the battery configurations on the pen lasers. Below is his response.

"Hey Jeff,
Sorry for the confusion.
The battery for the 532nm is 1x10440, which, or 2x1.5v batts, is also applicable to the 405nm and 650nm.


I haven't asked, but from this response, I assume that maybe these come with some kind of battery spacer for use with the single 10440's.

Hope this helps. :D


Nov 28, 2012
Davidx I am assuming you don't have an LPM? I would certainly expect them to be at least spec and potentially way over. I just can't see much interest in anything but the 532nm at these outputs.
I haven't tried taking apart any of my laserbtb pens to see if I can make them focusable. Would like to compare one of these to one of my laserbtb 150mW for quality and also to see if the output changes with type of cell/voltage. They hit 250mW+ with the single 10440 and spacer.

Seems odd that the 520nm needs 8V unless he's just talking about using (2) 10440. I realize that a lot of people don't use these small cells but I use them all the time in my pen builds. The ones I have been buying are the Efest 350mAh IMR. Black but covered in stickers including anti-counterfeit.

expointl | eBay
Batteries are an investment just like the rest of your equipment;)
They also have 14500 in these IMR cells.
I do however use the standard cheaper Ultracrap/fires for some pens that don't draw as much to save a few bucks. Don't pay ANY attention that the fires have a higher mAh rating on them please;) Pens like this deserve better cells.

laserbtb also sells a 50mW 515nm for $72.45 Don't see anything higher than 50mW in the 532nm anymore. That 515nm would be nice to have though. Buy that one and you would get a great comparison to a 532nm and a very visible beam if it's over-spec like everything I have of theirs. I do own a 515nm in an HL from awhile back and I can easily see the difference between it and any of my 520nm I think it's just over 40mW without loo
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