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NEJE 40W - 15W optical power output


Nov 11, 2014
They sadly do as many chinese vendors do, dance on a fine line between BS, confusion & deception, and then what have an ounce of truth to it.

so 20W is 20W from the wall outlet and same with the 30W and the 40W. (and even here its doesn't match with the wall outlet that was quite a bit lower)
I'm pretty sure they all use NUBM0. 20W, 30W, and the 40W, though I dont have the 40W
The precarious one is the 40W if they combine two beams, but that 40W unit when I checked many months back" sadly way more expensive.
the 20W old-style-thin-labby and 30W (blower sinkversion above #11) cost around 100 bucks delivered (USD), so it ain't like your getting massively ripped off, in regards to a NUBM0-founded labby with driver and PWM control module.

It's the 20W labby Im running here below, though I'm bypassing the driver for 6350mW reading. (with the driver and the included PWM module it's maxing out a tad over 4W with 4042mW on one budget LPM and 4030mW on the other, so not even close to the stated optical output rating that I recall where 5.5W for the 20W.)

The PWM step are in my testing quite accurate when looking through my notes from summer 2020 and the readings I wrote down.
1% = 43mW
2% = 86mW
4% = 172mW
40% = 1720mW
60% = 2567mW

it is up around the max PWM is losing some and not linear with the 1% = 43mW and 100% should then be 4300mW
The highest reading I got with the driver and the PWM module at 100% was 4074mW, but then again, really not reference-class gear I'm rolling with, quite the contrary
Here direct coupling to the NUBM0 LD 6350mW

The 30W sink blower labby from post #11 sadly not that easy to separate, as it is a weird hard-mounted driver to the pins of the laser and no wires.


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Sep 4, 2021
It is true ... I have reviewed many images and you can see that they are two diodes linked by a PBS (I think so), the question now to make an invention at home is: What kind of PBS can I buy in China to join two 5w 445nm lasers?

Ícono de validado por la comunidad

Ícono de validado por la comunidad