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Need suggestions on new PC


New member
Sep 12, 2007
Yes that graphics card would work with it. But the Radeon HD 4870 I think is equivalent to a EVGA GeForce 260. Depends on your price range.

I have to say, I used to be a HUGE nvidia fan. But I have been looking at the ATI benchmark scores and ATI has been making very good cards lately. It looks like ATI has the best bang for the buck unless you have a reason you dont want to buy from them.

I recomend the ATI R 4870 or 5770.

I am putting a 5770 in my new gaming rig. The ATI 5xxx series can make use of Direct X 11 if you are going to be running Windows 7. But the 4870 is best for the games you are playing.

The AMD Phenom quad core processor is Great. Definitely go with that or the Intel core i7. They both are pretty affordable now and give excellent performance.