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Mystery Green Scientific Lab Laser ---anyone recognize this beastie.???? LQQK


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Apr 2, 2009
Only 'clues' are the pics.
I have more pics of it in my media album.
Someone might get a hellava deal on this 1W 532.

PM with offers.. thanks for looking.

combining posts-
Hate to part w/ my brightest laser...

Has no key (!danger!) or place for one.. it can be added however-- as well as emmision LED.

Also needed for FDA (MYB only if placed inside a projector) is a switch that shuts the laser down if the enclosure is opened, makers label plus warning stickers on the 532,
and a place to attach the E-Stop.(remotely)

Not sure what all functions are done with the BNC port on the back.
Belongs in a real lab-- and prolly was >$2K 'at the store' when I got it .
at the front the beam is <1mm

Has a few gentle hours at reduced power at SELEM 2010.
the 'dial' on front has two sets of numbers-- one inside the other??
turn to stop lasing COUNTER CLKWISE .

Then to start find 'flat' switch on back(lit red) ..& then in front press red button.
It lights up (on dial) to ~1.0 but below threshold. (barely)
slight turn up --less than 1.3 it lases. low power stable and stable .

I turned it up and recorded the LPM readings at intervals --see those later.
it was just south of 1000mW with the knob turned full ~4.3 ???
Ones like this often have a 15 min warm up in their specs.
I will do more readings and at least one with it fully warn.

its very quite.. TEC no doubt-- very heavy ...very large.. not a PJ style lab.
came to me like it is- no stickers anywhere.( no... I am not opening it up)

I 'think' the numbers on the lighted dial are Amps. w/ about 4.3 Amp max.
It was first and last seen on a 25'' mirror ball at SELEM in Cafeteria --about 2 hours --about 400 mW
We got as far way as possible and the spot really needed to be bigger to hit more of the MB --
Focus looks to be fixed at infinity-- does NOT look like it needs to be fiddled with IMHO.
its a very dangerous laser..

NFS to minors or outside CONUS.
Free local pick-up.
I will be adding more stuff in my 'spring sale' pic album (my media) let me know if the pics do not show..

3 gassers
1 Reo GreenHe w/ PS-- NOS $250 usd pics with LPM coming guessing around 8 mW of 543.
1 635 red HeNe MYB w/PS 12mW
1 argon 488 complete -- built in fans low power BUT you might be able to change that --adding a controller panel for it-- no time to mess with it anymore--later selling 3 pcs round Argons no air no PS.

Appreciate any help or comments..-- especially info about 'Big Boy' (532 1W).

btw.. I do not care about prices elsewhere UNLESS it is this same exact laser AND brand new (NOS)..


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Apr 2, 2009
Would be 532. Quality lab lasers don't leak IR.
Thanks Diachi....I assumed the same-- BUT will meter to find out for sure. (once with IR filter and again with the green mostly filtered out.
Am I correct on thinking the dial in front controls the pump Amps?
Does 4A sound right for a Watt of 532?

Taking offers on this unit until my $$ crunch is over--If not sold by then I will keep it.

Missed a great op to take night shots recently, our somewhat common power outages are normally very short but this one lasted much longer and and so many lights nearby NOT working is was extremely dark.... not much moon and a bit of fog..

edit & additional data
From my notes of the only testing done lately.
at lowest setting (in front) starting cold- ambient ~70C
On power-up --not lasing at lowest ~1.2---dial does not make it go any lower. So NO zero.
AT 1.4 setting lasing threshold max at ~25mW (Hyperion)
At 1.5 max is 36mW
AT 2 max is 77mW
AT 2.5 116mW
AT 3 326mW
AT 4 561mW
at 4.5 690mW
at 4.61 985.9 mW. Dial set to MAX. TEMOO and stable.
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Apr 2, 2009
Back up a few steps.
Saw an error in my numbers & when checking just now I see that the reading on the display can be zeroed.
So that will change my readings.

also looked very closely everywhere for any numbers--logos etc-nothing - the fans are made in China --not much of a clue.
I also neglected to add that there are two 'feet' in the front that fold out so the PS, driver -meter is raised some in the front--something that would not be useful as a 'show laser module ' .. at least not one inside a PJ. But great for the work bench- etc.
In the case I got for it all together it weighs>15 lbs.