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MySafetySign OSHA 14x10" GITD Laser Sign


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May 15, 2012
I wanted a big scary sign in my room to keep people from touching my stuff. I keep catching my brother walking out of my room and my light on and the sword on the wall next to my bed askew and my mouthwash out of place and my electric toothbrush (not mine anymore) not where I left it. Though I feel violated, I don’t want my brother to go blind before I move far far away from home, so I went to MySafetySign.com and customized an OSHA laser sign.

Their editor tool is pretty good but can be difficult to use sometimes (converting symbols to html and whatnaught), but that’s ok since you can have their professionals edit the text to make it the right size and wrap around the graphics on the board. I was very happy with the final design.

After you purchase, they will edit the layout if you check the box that says they can, and then they will send you the design for your final approval.

You get free 2 day UPS Ground shipping with your sign, but I’m not sure if that still applies if you order a bulk amount of signs. I got it in a silly bubble mailer, and that's totally fine if you like bendy signs.

But if absolute perfection is not your concern, you can just apply some moments with your thumbs and it's all good

Since I have my room lit mostly by UV and blue lights so no one can see in my room but me because I’m an evil ginger, I sprung the extra $20 for an aluminum sign with glow in the dark laminate.

I see just a few minor scratches on the surface the width of a human hair and about 2-3 inches long.

Note how the lamination glows blue under ~365nm UVA light. I have a watch from Cabella's with this material on the hands and numbers. When I wear it indoors and turn off the lights, there is barely any glow action; when I wear it outside and bring it indoors, it glows insanely bright. I have a feeling that this sign would be much brighter after exposed to UVB.

That's where my thumb was.

The glow in the dark really brings out the underlying message in the sign, which reads, "Get out of my room or you die," in bold letters



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Feb 22, 2008
That's nice! I had one like that on the door when I lived with my parents, but it was printed on A4 and certainly wasn't GITD!