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My Experience with rkcstr

Jan 15, 2008
A couple of week ago i was looking to buy parts for a labby blu-ray.
I was about to buy the heatsink from Z-Bolt but the shipping was outrageous.

Couple days later,i came in contact with Rkcstr and asked if he had any Zbolt heatsink left, He had 3.

So i made a dealt with him

1x Heatsink Z-Bolt - 15$
1x Phr-803 Blu-ray Sled - 10$
1x 9v Ac-DC Adapter 600ma - 5$
1x MDlow LowRange 30mA-150mA Driver Assembled - 13$

The package came here in 8 days.
It was horribly smashed, but nothing was missing.

The Heatsink had minor scratches.... probably due of rough shipping.

I highly recommend dealing with Rkcstr.
5/5 Great communication, fast shipping, helpfull.
*Pictures comming shortly