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My 150mw and 50mw Laser!


Dec 5, 2020
just wondering-- are you sure your 405 is underpowered?
1W looks very dim but will blind you in less than .25 seconds if it hits the center of your eye.
Does it 'smoke' black paper (etc) instantly? if so it may be 1 full W-- the best way would be a LPM. By the location you have in your profile I think I can say there are no members near you who have a LPM.
...too- bad ...members will meter free anytime any laser.
Some have shipped lasers to Vets owning meters to calibrate and send back= free afaik..

also 405s overheat easily. And sometimes they do not completely die --we call those 'zombies--the living dead'
btw never power one up any diode without a good heatsink.
You may have already known all this but I give it anyway.
good luck--hak
no its definetly 150mw i have to focus it down to the smallest point or it wont smoke anything or burn anything. I have now got a 1w diode and their is a big difference in burning.

Apr 2, 2009
great... plz be careful--never allow around kids.
IMHO the 405 is the most dangerous of visible wavelengths
(that we have access to)-- especially the $3 aaa 5mW pen pointers.--most are >30mW.
have a great 2021-
Try this sometime. place a very small but well inflated black balloon into a bigger 'clear' balloon (condom) and inflate as much as possible.
the black one needs much less mW to 'pop' so the beam passes thru . Then make a sharpie black spot on the clear balloon. with the right laser it will only pop if it is aimed at the black area. ... start w/ your lowest power laser.

BTW we like lots of pics.

here are some vids

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