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Must see video

Jul 20, 2013
If that thread wasn't closed in the first place people would still be posting in there for sure;)


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Mar 17, 2015
Looks like the guy that made this video finally seen my comment on his channel, he is very much butt hurt about it.


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Jul 3, 2015
In 1993 I spent two years trying to pay off medical school loans working in an underserved area in TN around 50 miles from Nashville. The weekend before Halloween I had just passed my FAA check ride for my VFR at M54 (Lebanon Regional Airport) when I ran into some friends who were the first passengers I had ever taken for a flight. It was what pilots call severe clear, at night, around the Nashville skyline. When we landed, I noticed a lot of people near one of the hangers. One of my friends was a photographer for the local paper. He told me they were having a country western dance, did I want to come. I was tired but said what the heck.

While watching some country western dancing I suddenly heard what I knew to be a large caliber gunshot. I was not even sure where it had come from. I did not feel anything although I had the sensation of moving backward. When I happened to look down I saw blood pouring out my right pant leg. Though I felt nothing I knew I had been shot. Having done my time in the ED and dealt with trauma, and having actually seen someone die before my eyes from a gunshot, I knew that that the rate of blood loss was potentially fatal. I took off my belt, dropped to the ground, and created a tourniquet.

People thought I was joking and that it was fake blood. Barking out orders like a marine sergeant I was able to get myself taken care of. By the time I got to the ER at a nearby hospital I was beginning to go into shock. When the mast trousers and my pants were removed it was seen that the bullet track was a through and through of both the right AND the left thigh.

It turn out that what happened was while I was looking at the dancing some yahoo, redneck was doing a stunt on a horse, with a gun, making believe he was kidnapping his wife. He and a friend had loaded a .45 Colt..not ACP blank. However, instead of putting that in his gun, he put in a regular cartridge. Additionally, the revolver had a broken sear. The horse lost its footing, the horse reared, the gun went off, grazed the neck of a young guy who just got out of law school, hit me, and then hit a beam inside the hanger.

What really pissed me off was while I was recovering I read articles stating that it was an "accident." At that time I was a Class 3 dealer of NFA Title II firearms..as a collector. I had taught firearms safety. There is absolutely no such thing as an accident with a gun. Anybody who has been trained properly regarding firearms safety knows this. I wrote a response editorial to that effect although I doubt anyone took it seriously.

I was also trained in the use of explosives and there was a time I worked with a guy who had a lot of property who was a licensed blaster. We used to do all sorts of test shots. You make a mistake with this stuff and its lights out.

Many would think I would become "anti" gun because of this. No, I am not anti-gun but I am anti idiot. Even with the most care and preparation, scientific experiments can be hazardous. One should not work with hazardous materials or projects without knowledge and the proper safety precautions.

I have said in other postings, having lived in the DC environs for over 30 years, having had patients, friends, and acquaintances from every 3 letter agency you can think of, these people, as well as our Congress, are on the lookout for the kind of incident in this video. I really don't know why it is that just out of luck I am coming upon these videos here. Yesterday there was one with a gun firing from a quadrocopter. I am telling you straight up from conversations I have had with Federal law enforcement and other governmental officials. This kind of thing scares the heck out of them.

I have watched our freedoms being taken away and our government doing wrong things ever since the Vietnam war, a war that never, never should have occurred. Today, young people would be shocked to learn that Ho Chi Minh lived in Brooklyn, was a fan of the US, had been our ally in WWII working for Wild Bill Donovan's OSS, and begged Truman and Dulles to help him prevent the French from coming back.

I don't know how to legislate against stupidity. I do know, if we want to be responsible citizens and maintain our freedoms, we have to be sharp, ever vigilant, and in this example, do something, that is respond, to the kind of stupidly seen here. Self regulation as suggested is probably a good idea.“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
― Edmund Burke