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Maximize Nubm44 or any diode beam concentration

Jan 14, 2021
Hey guys i m playing for almost a month with my Nubm44 laser but i m annoyed with my beam concentration from the very first moment... Seems like the furthest the beam goes the wider it gets... What kind of optics should i use to maximize the concentration of that beam? Atm i think my lens is either a G2 or a 3element and I m not sure how to identify them. What can i do to tighten the beam to a more of dot pattern than the flat line that shows up?

Sep 16, 2007
@Sowee7 i d use some help with more infos about anamorphic prism! A link maybe? 😇
Anamorphic prisms can be used in pairs to reshape a laser beam.
They work essentially by distorting the beam in one axis. The effect is that you can compress the beam on the fast-diverging axis so that the beam is no longer a line - rather it will resemble an ellipse or square.

Cylindrical lenses can be used to the same effect. A cylinder lens can be used to expand or compress a beam in one axis in order to correct the output of a laser that produces a line-shaped profile.

These techniques work very well to make a beam more symmetrical but substantially increase complexity, size, and cost while reducing power (any optical element introduced into a system will incur losses).

If you want to increase power density at long range, the simplest way to do this is to use a longer focal-length lens (like the G8 lens).
There is an inverse relationship between beam diameter and divergence. This means that a smaller beam diameter at the aperture of the laser will result in a more divergent beam. A longer focal length lens works to reduce divergence by allowing the output of the diode to expand more before it enters the lens, increasing the beam diameter (and thus, reducing intensity) at the aperture, with the benefit of reducing divergence. The reduced divergence angle increases the long-range intensity of the beam, because the light will be spread over a smaller area.

However, simply using a long focal length lens does not alter the profile (shape) of the beam, so it will appear as a line. It will only reduce the size of the line at a distance, compared to a short focal length lens like the G2.
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Nov 2, 2015
I don't own a G2 lens but from what I gather the G8 is the preferred lens. Perhaps one of those might improve things.