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Low Temperature Considerations (and thanks)


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Aug 17, 2016
I have several gadgets/belongings that cannot change temperatures rapidly, and I find that keeping them in a case when moving them from outdoors to indoors and vice versa allows them to slowly adjust and typically preserves them, avoids condensation, etc. This is even true with my electric guitar. That being said, if I need my laser for signalling, I will already have been outside for some time and shouldn't have to worry about a rapid temperature change. This is just another reason I will stick with my plan of a 520nm. I have actually reached out to Rick Trent for a custom build so I look forward to that process and posting a review.

Thanks again!

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Sorry for a bit necroposting.
I have a similar 'problem', you had. When using lasers outside in frosty conditions, keeping them warm is sometimes hard. I would like to have some working solution, I'm considering these reusable crystalising bags instead (https://youtu.be/PqxMI57yezk). Further I consider to get some neoprene sleeves for the lasers where I can put the bag next to laser module and battery to keep it warm longer. Did anybody tried this kind of solution?

For my purposes I would like to use DPSS as well as diode lasers. I also noticed that batteries are drained much faster and are not able to deliver high currents even when fully charged, so even for this purpose it should be usefull.

Btw: I discovered that 'hack' with leaving stuff (lasers, camera...) to prevent heat shock too. :) In addition I add a bag of silicagel for any possible moisture especially near DPSS modules when the host is brought from cold conditions.

Anyway a good news that it should not damage lasers - I was worried mostly because of moisture in DPSS crystals but the 'hack' with silocagel seems to work.
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