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Looking for 510 vaping module (standard 12mm module)


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Jan 24, 2012
Hello friends.

I want to buy laser host with 510 thread, which can i use with my vape modules.

Another 2x18650 hosts also will be great...

Suggestions ?


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Jan 2, 2008
Jordan at DTR still has the heat sink heads for these, however the screw on bottom 510 part is almost impossible to find.

The last few 510 threaded bottoms I bought from Lifetime will not thread on the DTR heads. However Lifetime can machine a heat sink that will work with the bottom 510 parts he has.

The Aspire CF mod is one of the best options for these as they allow you to lock the unit off, they have a side button which is easier to press and they have a 10 sec on before they automatically cut off for about 5 secs. They are one of the only units with electronics that will work with the laser diodes. HOWEVER the aspire cf mod will only work with one 18650, not two and not even two 18350 batteries. I have picked up several for less than $15 each.

Otherwise you NEED to go with a completely Mechanical Mod or Telescopic Mechanical Mod (I am not a vaper, but many of these have been tested by others)

I bought a bunch of 1267ma Ben Boost drivers back when they were cheap and I've been building using these with the C@sio Proj diodes. they work fantastic in this configuration.

Most mechanical mods are being phased out, so getting something is harder now. But you can also get good deals if you look.

Back in the day, I bought the Ironman and several other Mods that are beautiful items on their own. DTR sold hundreds of the heads for these mods. Too bad the bottom 510 connector part was discontinued. So, sadly you can't find any of these anywhere (AFIAK)

Finally inline voltage meters and colored finned heat sinks are still out there if you look

This one I built a month or two ago - I match the laser color to the finned heat sink color, so this is a blue.


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