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Liquid Laser- a scamming company to avoid


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Apr 2, 2009
Good posts by all-

This creatin afaik has never been a forum member here-not sure how he found JL maybe because they sell several styles of therapy lasers. He came to me via JL and Gray- And he is not the first to come along and tlalk of big orders someday and then just taking advantage-- those who know her feel that Miss Linna from Lk is a honest and a joy to work with- when she came to the other forum hoping to find new customers she was taken advantage in the same way- a member over there managed to get a PJ at huge discount so he could write reviews and run a GB for Linna and LK.
None of they ever happened- I was not aware of this when I PMed her asking about us doing a GB- naturally ATM she was wary of anyone and it was then that she told me what happened. I was able to convince her that the majority of laser forum members are not like that one was. from that point on all has gone very well- for al sides- The current GB #4 we are doing now will likely be the last, as one of the aims of sellers side of GBs it to get items out to people to test and review with hopes of selling some in the future at the regular prices and turn a profit. And that goal has been reached.

People like Linna, Jason and Gray have convinced me that there are plenty of good people everywhere- It just takes some work and digging and occasionally getting burnt to find them.

Sam will get his payback some day--