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Line laser actually visible indoors under bright lights


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Oct 28, 2021
I need some help choosing a line laser, and thought you guys might be my best source for honest, real information.

I remodel retail stores all over the country, travels around 30k miles per year. We work indoors mostly at night, under the bright fluorescent lights commonly seen in any big box retail store.

The traditional method of aligning pallet racks and product display shelves involves the use of a chalk line, and while this method works well and is inexpensive, it's also messy and can be frustrating to get right.

Having purchased a couple lasers from sellers here long ago, I'm familiar with your site, love laser tech, and would much prefer to utilize a laser to project straight lines onto the floor.

The need for accuracy and repetition is extreme. You can probably imagine the work involved in building an entire row or 3-level pallet racking in one of the big box home improvement retailers.

Accuracy when performing this labor and time-consuming exercise is made exponentially more crucial when you consider all successive rows are based on the position of the first. Set up the first run wrong, and all succession runs are wrong.

I've seen good men lose their livelihood by getting this wrong, because the result of mistakes here can require unbillable weeks of work to correct.

Please help me purchase a truly useful tool for this application. I've tried using tools made by the well-known tool manufacturers with little success and at great expense when compared to their effectiveness.

Any helpful advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you guys!


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Jun 18, 2012
Surveying tool called a theatolite. Expensive but eye safe and perfect.