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LaserBee A - 2W LPM


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Mar 21, 2011
The following is a very brief review of a relatively new product from Jbauer, the LaserBee A. The 'A' stands for analog, as previous Jbauer LPM's used a micro controller to adjust zero, with this model, you simply adjust a dial.

I sent payment to Jerry late 9/26, the meter shipped the next day and I received it 10/3.

About the meter:
Put in a 9v battery and it's ready to go, the housing is sturdy and includes a battery compartment that makes for a nice self contained unit. The resolution and accuracy seem to be on point as the meter was able to read a known 5mw red pointer within a short period of time +/- 1mW and consistently measures my O-like red at exactly 195mW after zeroing. Adjusting for zero is easily done by turning the knob on the face either left (more -) or right (more +) to attain zero. The digital display is large, bright and easy to read. I have no complaints as of yet except for the fact that I currently don't have anything close to 2W to test the upper end.

Jerry does business the right way, fast shipping, good product, highly recommended this LPM.



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Sep 20, 2008
It would be nice if Jerry could come up with his own meter instead of ripping off someone else's design, again. :rolleyes:
Thanks for bringing that up...;)

It is our own design....

We decided to develop it after seeing that the ALPHA
was not for sale for 6 months.

It uses completely different electronic components and
a new 2 IC analog circuit which is different.
It has true Zeroing capabilities which is also different.

The DPM we use is different and the textured surface
(for safety) smaller enclosure is different.
It even has a connector to disconnect the Thermopile
Head for Storage which is different.

BTW... we can sell our product anywhere we want
but still do not blatantly sell it on LPF out of respect
since MM is selling them again... or at least I think so.

There were 4 Alphas produced in 6 months that I saw.
They seem to be out of stock AGAIN and no one seems
to know for sure when they will become available.

The LaserBee A LPMs are only available on eBay at the
present timer.
If the demand for a budget stand alone 2W LPM is not
met by another LPM sold on LPF I might decide to sell
a batch of 10 LaserBee A LPM here.

Sorry Dave... I was composing while you
do the voodoo that you do so well..

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