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Laser for squirrel hunting?


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May 4, 2009
It's going to be pretty had to blind the squirrel with a 100mW laser, have you ever seen how fast they move :thinking: unless you grab the bugger and hold him
still and focus the beam into his eye for a couple seconds there is no way your going to blind him with a brief shot from 50 feet away :crackup:

BTW there is nothing innocent about them, they will chew the T-111 siding right off your house to get inside, they are nothing more than a rat with a bushy tail :evil:

Yes they can be annoying, but please don't blind an innocent squirrel. It would be more
humate to just shoot it because a blind animal in the wild will die slowly from thirst or
starvation. Also pay attention to what is behind the tree you're aiming at. If an airplane or
helicopter happens to be flying behind it and gets struck, you could be looking at jail time.
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